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(if paid by the participant only or sponsored by a Grant)

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Group registration
for one or more participant
(excl. Grant)

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I am a speaker
(also if I am sponsored by a Grant)

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IF YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN DULY VALIDATED, you need to read the following guidelines carefully in order to register to the course.

INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION: you are paying for your own participation
SPONSORED REGISTRATION: you are paying for one or more participants (you included or not)
NB : Please register YOUR contact information as « event contact » in the first place including YOUR email and YOUR billing details. All documents will be sent to your email address directly. Once you've created your account as "event contact" you will be able to add the accounts of your guests including THEIR email, type of participation and contact info.
Feel free to send us a request to receive the detailed procedure to help you complete a « sponsored registration »
Participants’ emails are mandatory to get the certificate of attendance/diploma. These personal documents cannot be sent to the « event contact » of the company sponsoring the attendee(s)!
I AM ALREADY REGISTERED: you want to continue, amend or settle your participation or view your account and/or your participation in the event.

NB: Cancellation must be notified in writing to our agency 2 months before the event at the very latest. A 10% cancellation fee will be applied to any refund processed until this date. After this deadline, no refund will be given.