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Once your registration has been processed, you will automatically receive a confirmation.
If you cannot find it, the email is probably in your spam, promotions or unwanted email folder. To receive our communications, please make sure to approve the email sender and register in white list.

INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION: You need to pay for your OWN participation only.

SPONSORED REGISTRATION: You need to pay for one or more participants (you included or not).
To make sure that you receive all the documents, please register YOUR contact information as « event contact » first and foremost including YOUR email and YOUR billing details. Then, you will be able to add the accounts of your guests including THEIR email, type of participation and contact info. Feel free to send us a request to receive the detailed procedure to help you complete a « sponsored registration ».
Participants’ emails are mandatory to get the certificate of attendance. This individual named document cannot be sent to the « event contact » of the company sponsoring the attendee(s)! Only participants who duly attended the event will receive the newsletter including the link to download it the week after the event.

I AM ALREADY REGISTERED: You want to continue, amend or settle your participation (or your guests') or view your account and/or your participation in the event (or your guests').

For any GROUP registrations or hotel reservations, please contact directly the agency.  Group cancellation policy is available on request.
CANCELLATION must be notified in writing to our agency one month before the event at the very latest. Please check the cancellation policies.

Registering to the congress implies that you agree  to receive promotional emails from our agency and have your personal information (surname, first name and country only) sent to the industry sponsors. divine [id] agency informs you this was the subject of a declaration to CNIL, the French data protection agency, and this processing is in compliance with the French norm « NS n°48 ».  In accordance with article 34 of the French law « Informatique et Liberté » (January 6, 1978), you can access, modify, correct or delete your personal data on your personal account online. In order to do so, please contact divine [id] agency direct at 17, rue Venture 13001 Marseille – France  or